The Lamb Land


When Sri Chinmoy came to New Zealand in 2002 and lifted 1000 lambs, this had special significance for me because when I was a child one of my best friends was a lamb.
I met him on his birthday, which was also the day he was orphaned.

I christened him ‘Lambert’ and thereafter we became inseparable buddies. He had a fabulous set of lungs – his clamorous bleating echoed melodiously (not!) around the hills and valleys of our farm, starting very, very, very, very early in the mornings. I was trained at a really early stage in his life to have his bottle full, warm and ready to go several times a day.
He was a model teenager…

…and I tried my hardest to be a good Mum.


In time he grew up to be a
very handsome Romney
and a keenly loyal companion.

When he was nearly three years old we moved to town. Despite my pleas that we need never mow the lawn again, Lambert was not allowed to come too. Instead I had to take him to the neighbours, who were very nice people, but it meant that our lives were to go separate ways from now on. When the fateful day came I had to walk him on a lead to the neighbours’ place and it was the longest 400 metres ever. (I think it took us 2 hours.) I gave him every opportunity to nibble that he wished for so he mowed his way along the grass verge to his new home while I was racking my brains for a way to sneak him into the car, yet knowing that I would never get away with it as my mother was fearsomely observant.

best_friend.jpgHe was my best friend.

He was very surprised and not very happy when I left him with the neighbours – who nonetheless promised to play with him every day and give him a happy home.

He did not live very long after this as his new caregivers went looking for him when he went missing one evening and found him lying in his paddock – victim to a stray bullet during duck shooting season. God had claimed back the beautiful, innocent, happy soul that had blessed my life.

When Sri Chinmoy lifted the lambs in New Zealand, I thought of my Lambert and my heart was filled with peace and love as it felt as if these dear, sweet, humble creatures, as well as New Zealand itself, were being blessed by this great man.