On Meditation

I was attracted to meditation because I needed to alleviate the stress that I found inside me as I dealt with my lifestyle, being a PhD science student (with a scholarship from MAF) and an odd-job professional musician.

Toshala in Blue Bird

Toshala hard at work in The Blue Bird

In the first class I attended I lapped up meditation like a thirsty camel and enjoyed it so much that after finishing my PhD I took time out to set up a café that people could come to and experience Sri Chinmoy's world of meditation and joy. I also wanted to give myself time to focus on developing a spiritual life, which was very important to me, and had been lacking previously.

But the laugh is on me because now I am so busy there is no time to do anything else but work!! However there is now no – or at least very little – stress involved as the café where I work is a meditative place – a place where food is prepared and served with love, and where harmony and joy reign supreme. Work itself is a meditation, and although I am not at too much leisure to write a paragraph, I am pretty fast at writing lists. So I present my list:

Meditation Is:

  • in soulful music
  • in living a wholesome life
  • in friendship
  • in making right choices
  • in caring for the world around you
  • a joyful experience
  • a blissful communion with God

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