Just Write It Down

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to write something when you have not been asked a specific question? It is similar to building something out of thin air where one is very aware of the lack of substance that one is forced to work with.

However, if you pick a topic that you have a feeling for (no matter how slight a feeling for!) just imagine yourself having a chat about it to a friend, and write it down. For instance, just the other day I mentioned something to Alana about selfless service and she responded with an in-depth and lengthy discourse on different types of service, the comparative spiritual impacts and social aspects of service, a discussion of where service becomes selfless and where it does not - touching upon subtle shades of service and inferences herein - and ended with a pithy aphorism! (Just a small note of interest – Alana often uses aphorisms to illustrate things so this was not a surprise.) I was impressed and suggested she write down her views, but she said that she did not know what to say!

A blank piece of paper or a blank screen can be intimidating, but hey! – if you can chat about something, just write it down. It is easier than you think. If it helps, say it first – like you are in a conversation – then write it. The format can come later but first write something – anything – down!

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