A Golden Being

As I entered the old Sri Chinmoy Centre in Auckland one day I felt a presence or intensity there as soon as I walked in (maybe I was having a particularly receptive day – I don’t know).

There was a continuation class starting and in the initial meditation I noticed that the photograph that we use for meditation of our spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy, had a more than usually vivid golden colour about it. This colour grew more and more visible with the progress of the meditation and was not of a regular shape. With surprise I perceived the outline of an ear – and when I realised that I was looking at the photograph through the head of a subtle being in front of it, I discerned the golden silhouette of a being that looked like Sri Chinmoy, in front of the shrine, sitting cross-legged and perfectly still. By this time the being was so vividly apparent that I could see him with my physical eyes, without meditating or anything. For about 20 minutes following the meditation I could see him – very still – and Jogyata even came quite close to him whilst he was talking to the class! But nothing disturbed the being.

I told Subarata about it afterwards and she said that it was probably an emanation of Sri Chinmoy's – something not uncommon for spiritual masters – and that she had never seen him herself, but that one of the other students had. I have had the honour of seeing the emanation one more time since then, in the same place.

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