I am your highest consciousness

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Sri Chinmoy invokes the Supreme during a high meditation, 1973

The second time, the second day I met Guru, Guru was talking about drugs and the importance of taking a shower and being clean.

About drugs, he said something that to me was not only significant but epic. The words that he said stay etched inside me, scripted forever inside me: “The reason why you are taking drugs is because you are looking for an experience outside of yourself and higher than yourself.”

Now comes the epic part, the Mahabarata part of Guru’s words: “The high that you are looking for is me. I am your highest consciousness.” When I heard those words coming out of Guru’s mouth, I knew exactly what he was saying. I knew what he meant. The goal that I want to achieve, the God that I want to realise and become is my Guru himself. There is no difference between Guru and me except that Guru is fully awakened and I am sleeping. When I wake up I will wake up into him.

That is true for each and every disciple. So we are very lucky. The highest has claimed us as its very own. 

Guru always said our path is the path of the Supreme. So see how lucky we are? We have been chosen and selected to walk along the path of the Supreme. Each and every one of us has started already to awaken and discover our highest consciousness, our Guru.

The Question of Questions

My morning awareness
Asks the question of questions:
Who is God?
My evening awareness
Asks the question of questions:
Who is not God?

Sri Chinmoy 1