The boy who just loves me

This is one of the stories in our Story-Gems project, a collection of our experiences with our Guru, Sri Chinmoy. Project homepage »


This was the first time that we were going to meet Alo Devi, one of Sri Chinmoy’s very special assistants. So Guru was making all kinds of arrangements. He was composing a song and making sure that the Centre was spotlessly clean, and everything was in order.

Previously I had told Guru I did not need to know anything more about who Guru was or what Guru could do. I told him that I just loved him as my true Guru.

The following day Guru contacted me and asked me to come to the Centre after work. The moment I got to the Centre, Guru was already waiting for me. He started literally shouting, “Alo, Alo, come, come, come! Alo come!”

She came running. She was like, “What is happening?”

“Alo, this is the boy, this is him! This is the one who doesn’t care if I am God or the devil. He doesn’t care if I am realised or not realised. He is only mine and I am his.” 

When my devotion-heart approaches God,
God jumps up from His Golden Throne
To welcome and embrace my devotion.

Sri Chinmoy 1