I only cared about the love that I felt from Sri Chinmoy and the love that I felt toward him: the rest was decoration

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I never had any doubt of Guru.  I’ve never ever doubted him. Never. 

When manifestation started in the early 70’s, when everybody was very excited about what Guru was doing and especially before the manifestation, the idea that he was an Avatar, everybody was really… I mean, it was the biggest thing and everybody loved to talk about it. 

For me it was different. Yes, I was very grateful that an Avatar chose me as a disciple and all these things were happening.  But it really didn’t matter to me.  I really didn’t care.  I only cared that he was my Guru. I didn’t even care to know whether he was realised or not.  I only cared about the love that I felt from him and the love that I felt toward him, the rest was decoration, but the great prize was that he was my Guru and it remains the same today, that he is my Guru.

In a phone interview, Sri Chinmoy talks about the mutual love of Master and disciple

God has blessed my heart  
With a faith-calendar  
That has no doubt-days.

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