Please postpone the surgery

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About three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer that was quickly spreading. To be certain, she went for the opinion of three prominent cancer specialists in Puerto Rico. All of them concurred: she definitely had a serious form of cancer.

I became increasingly worried—I love my mother dearly and her suffering and imminent death were torturing my heart. Over the years I have met excellent physicians and naturopaths who have been very successful in treating cancer as well as other so-called “incurable” diseases. It was my hope to bring my mother to New York for such treatment.

Her main physician told her that she needed radiation, chemotherapy and most definitely surgery. I asked my mother to please hold off with all those therapies until I could consult with the doctor I had in mind, and to send me copies of her records. When I read her blood analysis, panic struck me hard, for it became real that my mother was very sick.

I had not wanted to tell Sri Chinmoy anything until I had all the information, but now pressure was mounting, and my mother was scheduled for surgery within a few weeks. Finally, I wrote Sri Chinmoy a letter explaining everything I told him that I love my mother very much and that I was not ready to lose her, but I also told him that I was praying for God’s Victory-Will in whatever form it would express itself.

Sri Chinmoy’s reply came immediately: “Ask her to please postpone the surgery for one month.” I immediately telephoned my mother and pleaded with her to please listen and follow Sri Chinmoy’s advice. She agreed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a cousin who is a very prominent doctor, and he argued that the surgery could not be delayed. He had all the members of my family in Puerto Rico on his side and they pressured my mother to concede. I was devastated. I would call her every day in tears and beg her. My poor mother was confused and frightened. She really wanted to please me by listening to Guru’s advice, but the family pressure was too much for her. So I told her, “Do what you feel you need to do. I love you and will support any decision you take.” This brought her a sense of peace, and she decided to go ahead with the surgery.

The doctor wanted to operate as soon as possible, since he was scheduled to be on board a cruise ship for a three-week vacation. But God had a better plan. My mother was ready to go for surgery in two days, but there were no beds available for about two weeks in any of the hospitals where this particular doctor could practise. Since he was going away for three weeks, the surgery had to be postponed for one month.

One month later, when the doctor came back from his vacation, more tests were done before the surgery. There was no evidence of cancer, not a trace, as if it never happened. The doctors said that all along they must have had the wrong records, the records of another patient.

God and Sri Chinmoy alone know what happened. My mother and family are extremely grateful to Sri Chinmoy and God for this incredible miracle. The other miracle is that whenever my mother sees Sri Chinmoy, she becomes a beautiful child swimming in tears of joy and gratitude. She says,“He is so beautiful!”