My Second (online) Home

I’m constantly amazed and impressed by correspondents like Tejvan and John G, who can regularly maintain more than one blog, yet still find the time to read (and comment on) the blogs of others. How do they do that? I spend much of my day in front of a laptop, trying to do my writing work and (on a good day) keep my online presence up-to-date.

Recently, I’m afraid, I haven’t had much success with the latter duty.

To be honest, I've been reconsidering my blog spaces. While I've always tried to stay positive - give joy or inspiration to readers, or sometimes both (if I can) - I've wondered if some of my posts have been at odds with the spiritual nature of the Sri Chinmoy Centre site. They haven’t been negative, of course, but my comments on popular culture and the (hopefully) amusing anecdotes of my life haven’t really equalled the loftier subject matter more often covered on the Sri Chinmoy Centre site.

Today I started a new blog on, Wishful Thinking (, which will include many of the sorts of writings that I used to include here – my musings on world affairs and my working life.

Meanwhile, if I have any profound spiritual observations or meditations, I’ll take a leaf from great writers… like James Joyce. Yes, I’ll put everything into a 1,000-page book that nobody can understand… and which will subsequently become known as one of the greatest novels ever written!

No, on second thought, I’ll take a leaf from John G. The blog you are presently reading will still include my profound meditations and observations (which have always been somewhat rarer). Hopefully, those who have been kind enough to find my writing entertaining will still be entertained, but this will have a more spiritual focus.

Here I will be Noivedya; on Wishful Thinking, I will often go by my original name (and usual writing name). I’m still Noivedya, wherever I am, but most of my editors still know me by the name my parents gave me.

Hopefully, like John G, I’ll be able to maintain two blogs (however irregularly). See you soon – hopefully in two places.