Filler Blog Entry

Just a quick entry today. I've been busy working on a few things... including my small (but nonetheless time-consuming) part in helping with the annual Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon (which begins - and hopefully finishes - this Sunday) and another segment for the new Inspiration News regular podcast. That won't be online for another few weeks, as part of Season 2 - and an exciting new direction.

Oh, and my writing work (including a LOP [large ongoing project - I just made up the acronym] or two) is taking up some time. Due to all of that, I'll admit that my second blog for the week is a little late.

OK, true as all of that is, it's really just an excuse. With Christmas on the way, I'll confess that I've been treating myself... to some extra time-wasting activities!

Foremost among them... some irresponsible person recently introduced me  to YouTube, and I've been using it for only the most scholarly activity: studying video clips of 1980s pop songs. (I've always considered that Bucks Fizz were sadly underrated. Discuss.) Mind you, these were the songs of my childhood - and they helped to shape me into the adult I am today. To truly understand myself, I must study the works of Joe Jackson, the Go-Betweens and other philosophers.

Incidentally, wasn't that the most appalling excuse you've ever heard for indulging in old pop music? (But surely I don't really need an excuse to listen to Joe Jackson... constantly.) If I really want to know myself, I need to focus more on my meditation and  listen to more soulful music.

(And no, by "soulful music" I don't mean Aretha Franklin! That's soul music - and that's fine too, but not really what I mean.)

Incidentally, for those of you were wondering (like I was, a couple of weeks ago) where my friend Alf got the unusual name for his blog, he reveals all in his latest entry. (At least, I think he reveals all. His writings need to be experienced to be... experienced.)

He's also kind enough to talk about this blog... even though I still don't have any new photos.