'I happily and proudly fulfilled your unmistakable prediction'

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In June of 1996, Guru asked me something about my family and I wrote to him, including in my letter my great-uncle Sisir Kumar Ghosh. Sisir-da was a noted Indian journalist, writer, freedom-fighter and spiritual seeker, who Guru considered to be a literary mentor.

So as an answer to that letter, Guru sent me sent me the meaning, the significance of my spiritual name that Guru gave. I’ll just tell you the spiritual significance of my name as Guru wrote it: Mahatapa, the God-seeker who practises askesis Supreme. And Vidagdha, the person who relayed Guru´s message, explained that the word askesis was a Greek word. To me, that means the meaning of the name is something that I have to aspire to. I personally don't think askesis - which means spiritual discipline essentially - is my strong point, but when I do, it's really good for me.

So along with my name, another very sweet message came from Guru and I will read it out to you. So Guru said: “Sisir-da" – that is, Sisir Kumar Ghosh – "had predicted my arrival in America four years prior to my actual arrival. He made this prediction in front of hundreds of people. “

At that time, I had still been living in the university and I was thinking that it was time for me to move closer to the Miami Sri Chinmoy Centre. I told Lunthita, who is a very good friend, "We should get a place together, a home together. Wouldn't it be nice if Guru could come and give a concert in Miami and disciples from other places could come and help? And they could stay with us."

It so happened that just a few days after that, Guru called the Miami Centre and said to them that he was planning to come to Miami for a concert.

Guru said, "And here, like your illustrious great-uncle, you also made a prediction three weeks ago. You predicted that I would visit Miami."

Sri Chinmoy meditates during the Miami concert

Then Guru said, "Just a few days ago, I happily and proudly fulfilled your unmistakable prediction. I shall definitely come to Miami, provided Durjaya and Drishti"—our Centre leaders in Miami—"and all the members of Florida's Centres can dare to bring 2,000 meditation-music lovers."

In October 1996 Guru came to Miami. I remember there was a beautiful boat ride.

In a conversation, Guru said that Sisir Kumar Ghosh had brought my soul to Guru. I am always grateful to Sisir Kumar Ghosh—whom I called Chotogatu, “youngest grandfather” in Bengali—for doing me this great favour.

Its prediction is perfect

Your doubting mind
Cannot predict your future.
Your crying heart
Cannot predict your future.
But your smiling soul
Can predict your future,
And it always does.
What is more,
Its prediction is absolutely perfect.

Sri Chinmoy 1