The cat who wanted to reincarnate as a cow

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I’m going to tell a cute story about Sarama, who taught my first meditation classes and who I helped in her manifestation projects.

Sarama had a cat called Inky. She told me that when she came home one night and opened the door, Inky was sitting on the floor waiting for her. As soon as Sarama came in, Inky died. The cat had waited for Sarama to come home and then died.

Guru found out about it, and told Sarama that he had contacted Inky’s soul. He said that he would give the cat a human incarnation in its next incarnation. But Inky’s soul said it had seen a picture of a cow, and wanted to come back as a cow.

Man’s human glory begins when his animal story ends.
His divine glory begins when his human story ends.
His supreme Glory has neither birth nor death.

Sri Chinmoy 1