A Life-Changing Opportunity

After attending the meditation classes offered at the Sri Chinmoy Centre and experiencing for myself the lasting peace and inner happiness that was beginning to bloom in my life, I was growing an inner hunger to discover more about spirituality.

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy meditating...

I had developed a deep respect for Sri Chinmoy and his students I had met. Everything they embodied, everything that I heard about Sri Chinmoy, and the books I had read portrayed such vastness, wisdom, purity, and sincerity. I appreciated how open this path was to all religions, cultures and other spiritual paths and teachers. I was very inspired by how active and involved in the world Sri Chinmoy and his students were, undertaking such significant and effective endeavours as the World Harmony Run, humanitarian aid programmes, worldwide free meditation classes, peace concerts, hosting running events and ultra marathon races - all purely for the selfless purpose of inspiring humanity with a message of transcendence and to spread hope, love and oneness for a more harmonious world.

When I was given the opportunity to become a student of Sri Chinmoy and receive personal guidance from such a genuine spiritual teacher I embraced this whole-heartedly. I was absolutely certain that he had a great deal of wisdom-light and inner guidance to offer me on my life’s journey. At the time I had no idea of the unbelievable fast track having a spiritual teacher could be for my progress towards self discovery and God-realisation. Now I can see that this one decision in my life has expedited my progress unimaginably and opened up the most self-expanding, meaningful and fulfilling life.

From marathons, meditation retreats, and travelling to New York to visit Sri Chinmoy, singing performances, plays and World Harmony Run experiences, everything we do is motivated from a striving force within to transcend ourselves and become our highest potential. Joy and delight in living is always a priority in our lives. I would love to share a few of my experiences of the fullness and joy of life now that I am a student of Sri Chinmoy’s. I hope you enjoy.

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